Future Movement Objectives are:

a.    To promote the ideals and philosophy of good American Citizenship among the people of Lebanon who have settled in Michigan and the US.

b.    To promote the positive Arab identity, culture and contributions to society in a matter that empowers Arab Americans to retain and enhance their culture, and in doing so, advances positive image of Arabs to all Americans.

c.    To provide for an exchange of understanding of cultures between the people of the USA and the people of Lebanon.

d.    To help instill in our members a sense of community participation in the cultural, political, educational, social, and charitable aspects of the American Society.

e.    To protect and actively promote USA?s interest and values for democracy, freedom and tolerance amongst those Lebanese who have settled in Michigan.

f.    To promote and support political moderation and to strongly and peacefully oppose and denounce religious extremism, violence, and discrimination.

g.    To promote freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of political practice within the limits of the American Constitution.

h.    To encourage and support dialogue as a democratic tool to address issues.

i.    To educate the American public, including but not limited to American of Lebanese descent, about the desperate need to provide assistance for the people of Lebanon, and to promote the advancement of human rights, minority right, and basic democratic principles in Lebanon.

j.    To study the important political, social, and economic issues which affect Lebanon and its people, and to disseminate accurate and objective facts and other information that is pertinent to the well being of the Lebanese people.

k.    To provide education to the people in Lebanon about the benefits of adopting and living in a democratic society patterned after democracies such as the USA.

l.    To conduct lectures, public exhibits, meetings open to the public at large, classes, lectures and conferences designed to provide education and awareness about Lebanon.