Almustaqbal Movement stressed in a statement issued Sunday its adherence to the principles of the Cedars Revolution in general and the date of March 14 in particular, the day all the Lebanese demonstrated against the assassination of Prime Minister Martyr Rafic Hariri.

Following are some of the Future Movement of Michigan Principles:

1- We stress our adherence to the principles of March 14 alliance where Lebanon first will always be our slogan.

2. We stand firm in our commitment to all our allies as stated by our Prime Minister-designate Sheikh Saad Hariri.

3- We maintain a very positive attitude towards all our March 14 allies, who we are to them the strongest support and the biggest ally.

4- Our alliance is for the best interest of Lebanon, where prime minister martyr Rafic Hariri sacrificed his life for our unity and prosperity.

We are an elite movement, we are Hariri supporters.
Almustaqbal Movement adheres to these principles. The Movement will never change; Lebanon first will always be its slogan. There is no room for the Lebanese in Lebanon unless Lebanon was a nation of modern Arabism first, economy, science and culture first, moderation, co-existence and equality first, development, democracy, freedom, message, and tolerance to others first. It believes in political parties' right to choose the position that best suits them and the slogans they wish to adopt; however, the best interest of Lebanese comes before that of parties and movements, under the roof of the constitution. It is fine if some would like to remind people of their past, but on the condition that they don't return to the shameful history when many compatriots preferred their personal interests over those of the nation.